5km running route at Hamsterley Forest

A fun but challenging 5km route for runners new to trail running

After leaving Bedburn Beck, this route starts with a sharp uphill section, followed by a gentle incline through Windy Bank. The route then descends into the valley bottom with a change in ground conditions to a wooded trail.

This can be challenging and fun for runners new to trail running as it can get a bit muddy underfoot!  Once you cross the burn again, the trail offers another sharp incline to join the Low Redford Wood, passing some of our art pieces and beautiful views out over the valley.

The trail is suitable for fell and trail shoes, no need for studs. Winter weather conditions may vary the terrain.

Trail information

Hamsterley Forest, Bedburn, Hamsterley, DL13 3NL
This trail is waymarked.
Trail Length