Geo trail at Haughmond Hill

Geo trail

This is a linear route that runs gradually up hill and is suitable for buggies and mobility scooters. However it is a long route for anyone pushing a wheelchair.

The quarry viewing platform is an excellent chance to see the neighbouring quarry working, especially if you know anyone who likes dumper trucks!

At the end of the trail there is now a toposcope to help you identify the hills beyond Shrewsbury (and have a rest as it doubles as a seat).

Please note that the final 200 yd section of the trail to the toposcope is unsurfaced and bumpy, so it can be hard-going for small wheeled pushchairs, some mobility scooters and wheelchairs. This is because it is an ancient monument (an ironage enclosure) and we are restricted as to how we change it.

Trail information

Haughmond Hill, Newport Road, Shrewsbury, SY4 4PW
Includes an unsurfaced section which is difficult for pushchairs, wheelchairs and mobility scooters.
Grade - Green
Trail Length
1.3 km (0.8 miles) - one way