Horse riding at Kielder Forest

Horse riding at Kielder Forest

Horse riders are welcome at Kielder Forest and can explore the dozens of miles of tracks and forest roads in the forest.

There are no dedicated horse trails in Kielder Forest, although we recommend that riders use the trails at Kershope. There are no waymarkers but there is a route marked on our map in green. Riders can also utilise the Lakeside Way

Please note that this is a remote location. You should make sure someone knows what time you are due back, especially if riding alone. There is no reliable mobile phone signal in the area. For more information on our facilities, opening times and contact details, please see our visitor information.

Activity information

Kielder Forest, Kielder Castle, Kielder, NE48 1ER
Access to Kershope is from the Cuddy’s Hall car park (marked on the map).
What3Words location: amused.sonic.pursuing.
This is a shared trail, please be aware of other forest users.
Grade - Various
Trail Length
Lakeside Way is 26 miles (42 km)
There is a parking area at Cuddy’s Hall, marked on the map. It accommodates one horsebox. Please note, there is a barrier to enter the car park. 
Is this activity for you?
The surface of the trails at Kielder is mostly on unsealed forest road.