Horse riding at King's Wood

Horse riding at King's Wood

King's Wood offers a network of riding which include a diverse and beautiful range of woodland habitats. Off-bridleway riding is restricted to specific routes and only permitted if you are a TROT member.

There is no public bridleway. There are no waymarkers for the routes.

Horse riding across the site is only permitted with a valid TROT pass or membership. Further details can be found by calling TROT on 01622 735599 or visiting the TROT website. When riding you must be display your TROT permit. A map will be given to you after purchasing a membership.

For more information on our facilities, opening times and contact details, please see our visitor information.

Activity information

King's Wood, White Hill, Challock, Kent, TN25 4AR
This is a shared trail, please be aware of other forest users.
Is this activity for you?
The trails follow forest road and dirt/grass tracks.
TROT membership also includes exclusive horse box parking. Members will get access codes to reach these deboxing areas. No horsebox parking is permitted in our car parks.
Trail Length
There are 7.56 miles of trails to follow.