Natural materials - forest art lesson plan

Girl and boy painting in the forest

Age: KS1 (age 5-7), KS2 (7-11)

Activities for: A forest visit

Curriculum links:

Art: (KS1) Using a range of materials creatively; Using sculpture to develop and share ideas and imagination; Using colour, pattern, texture, shape and form in the development of artworks. (KS2) Improve mastery of art and design techniques including drawing and sculpture.
Science: (KS1 & KS2) Plants and animals; Everyday materials; Seasonal changes.

Forests provide endless learning opportunities, and are great places to inspire creativity. Take your class for a visit to your local forest, and collect materials to make wonderful pieces of natural art.

This lesson plan includes:

  • Pre-visit activities
  • A need-to-bring-checklist
  • Extensions of activities
  • Post-visit activities
  • Discussion pointers