Superworm educational activity sheets

Superworm with educational activity sheets

Age: Early years and KS1

Activities for: the classroom, a forest or local green space

Subjects: Science, physical development, PHSE, arts and design, spoken language and maths

Download your free Superworm educational resources. There are 7 colourful activity sheets to inspire your class about Superworm.

Activities include:

  • Super stretchy Superworm – can you stretch like Superworm and pose like a caterpillar?
  • Superheroes – trees are our superheroes but what are yours?
  • True of False – A fun interactive game
  • Worm charming – discover the art of worm charming, the superheroes of soil
  • Minibeast hunting – explore the natural environment and see how many of Superworm’s minibeast friends you can find
  • Minibeast cards – create a set of your very own minibeast cards
  • Let’s act now! – get your class moving with the help from our Superworm’s friends
  • The Forest Code for Minibeast Hunting

For more activity ideas check out our Superworm family activity sheets.

Get a wiggle on, there are over 20 Superworm trails across England – find your nearest trail and enjoy a Superworm themed forest visit with your group.