Temperate forest lesson plan

Two boys look closely at the leaves on a tree

Age: KS2 (age 7-11)

Activities for: A forest visit

Curriculum links:

Science: Plants; living things and their habitats; evolution and inheritance; working scientifically.
Geography: locational knowledge; place knowledge (understanding geographical similarities and differences between a region of the United Kingdom and a region within South America); physical geography (climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts); human geography (land use, economic activity and natural resources); geographical fieldwork.

All our forests are located within the temperate forest biome and are perfect places to learn about native woodlands and how they contrast to tropical rain forests.

This lesson plan includes:

  • Pre-visit activities
  • A need-to-bring-checklist
  • Printable activity sheets at the back
  • Post-visit activities
  • Discussion pointers