Trail hunting in the nation’s forests

The Hunting Act 2004 ended hunting with dogs in England, including on land managed by Forestry England. Trail hunting was widely promoted as an alternative activity before the Hunting Act and is still legal.

Some traditional, long-standing hunting groups still use forests we manage to trail hunt where they did before. We strictly control trail hunting with permissions and licences according to an agreement with the Masters of Fox Hounds Association. Read our trail hunting agreement.

When and where does trail hunting take place?

Some visitors have told us that they might want to avoid woodlands during trail hunts so we publish where and when we have agreed it can happen. We update the information at least every 20 days during the hunting season (September to March). You can download the latest version below.

Remember planned events can change at short notice so we can’t guarantee the information is 100% up to date. Updated on: 11 February 2020. 

Download trail hunting dates

Suspected illegal activity and breaching our permissions

We sometimes get concerns from visitors that people in forests we manage may be breaking the law. Any evidence of illegal activity people have should be given to the police.

If someone with a permission from us breaks the conditions in the permission, which includes any illegal activity on the land we manage, we can suspend events or stop them completely.

We can, and do, monitor events we permit including trail hunting. If anyone believes any event is breaching a permission, evidence should be given to the local Forestry England office.