Children's Bikes and Scooters at Westonbirt Arboretum

Children on scooter

Children's bikes and scooters

Children's bikes and scooters are a brilliant way to help little ones explore the arboretum.

We allow children to ride bikes and scooters in the arboretum if they are under 70cm from floor to handlebars. 

Measuring bike and scooters

Are your wheels under the limit?

Before you arrive please measure the bike or scooter to double check it is under 70cm from floor to handlebars to avoid disappointment.

On arrival our staff will ask you to measure the bike or scooter by pushing it under our height limit sign. 

If the bike or scooter is over 70cm your child will not be permitted to ride it around the arboretum. 

A metal structure which you can push a bike or scooter under to determine the height - allowed in if under 70cm.

Wheelie safe riders

Follow these top tips for fun, safe journeys!

  • encourage little ones to always slow down or get off and walk when you need to pass other people at a social distance.
  • if your child is starting to ride ahead, make sure a grown-up can keep up so they don't fall out of sight. (Great cardio workout grownups!)
  • wheels must be walked around the entrance/exit, restaurant and over the STIHL treetop walkway to avoid accidents in busy areas. 
  • store bikes and scooters when not in use to the side or in a safe place to prevent them from becoming trip hazards.