Finding Art in Nature. KS2

Finding Art in nature programme aimed at KS2, available at Westonbirt Arboretum

Updated 16th May 2023

Suitable for Years 3-6, March to November

Key concepts

Pattern, colour, texture, shape, use of natural materials.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify colours, textures and patterns in the natural environment.
  • Work to create an individual piece of artwork using natural materials.
  • Communicate reasons, thoughts, observations and feelings.


Natural gallery - framing the contrast and variety of different art elements in the picturesque landscape.

Colour palettes - create a palette of natural seasonal colours from natural materials to take back to school.

Pattern search - choose a tree bark pattern and represent as environmental art using natural materials.

Texture challenge - collect  items that are opposite textures and challenge another group to guess the featured textures.

Camera - use a partner's eyes as a 'camera' to look at the arboretum from a fresh perspective.