Natural Arts at Westonbirt Arboretum, KS3

Natural arts programme aimed at KS3

Updated 15th January 2024

Suitable March - November

Key concepts

Visual and tactile qualities - colour, shape, pattern, form, space and texture, communicating moods and feelings, environmental art.

Learning outcomes

  • produce creative work using natural materials.
  • experiment with the visual and tactile qualities of natural materials.
  • represent feelings and ideas through sculpture.


Window on Westonbirt - use our cameras to capture Westonbirt's picturesque planting style, focussing on visual and tactile qualities of the landscape.

Woodland palettes - choosing one colour that represents how they are feeling, students create a colour shades palette before combining into a class mood board.

Pattern and texture art - find an interesting bark and recreate it's pattern and texture using natural materials.

Environmental sculpture - design and build a sculpture that communicates a feeling or experience from seasonal natural materials.