Silk Wood panels audio description - community planting project at Westonbirt Arboretum

4 children crowd round a small tree they are planting into the ground

Silk Wood Community Planting Project

Nature is a fantastic resource to help people become more resilient. By encouraging outdoor learning and practical engagement with conservation activities, the Silk Wood Community Planting Project will help people look after their emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health.

Through community engagement we hope to generate a greater appreciation of woodlands and encourage more people to take positive action to support nature.

It's not just planting a tree!


Winter is the best time to plant our trees, so they have time to take up water and establish roots before the warmer weather.


In spring communities check the tree guards are in place and assess the effectiveness of the different materials used.


Summer is survey season to see what flora and fauna is living on the site and to carry out beat up surveys (counting and replacing dead trees).


In autumn participants clear ground vegetation like brambles to ensure access to the site and to reduce competition of water and nutrients for the trees.