Tall Tree Tales - developing storytelling skills, KS2

storytelling programme aimed at KS2, available at Westonbirt Arboretum

Updated 15th January 2024

Suitable for Years 3-6, March to November

Key concepts

Story structure, description, characters, creating atmosphere, speaking and listening.

Learning outcomes

  • generate a variety of imaginative story ideas.
  • use description to set the scene.
  • create atmosphere and mood through soundscapes.
  • tell stories, real and imagined, describing events and experiences.


Warming up our imagination - prepare and pack for a story expedition.

Douglas Mouse - an adapted Native American story created to help children learn about the Douglas fir tree.

Silent exploring - silently use four senses to explore the woodland and use personal experiences to create a woodland story setting.

Soundscape - use natural woodland materials to add a soundtrack to a short woodland poem.

Tree people - listen to the 'Yellow Cedar Sisters' a story about tree characters before creating your own story.

Whatever is that? - collect a fallen object, and create an imaginary story about what the object 'really' is, without saying what it truly is!