Tourism at Westonbirt Arboretum, KS3

Tourism programme aimed at KS3

Updated 15th January 2024

Suitable March - November

Key concepts

Economic activity, environmental and social impacts, interactions, landscape for amenity use, audiences/user groups, conflict management.

Learning outcomes

  • identify different visitor and user groups and recognise their conflicting demands.
  • distinguish between positive and negative effects of tourism for the arboretum.
  • make suggestions for the management of tourism at the arboretum to ensure a sustainable future.
  • engage and take part in discussions exploring ideas and opinions.


Visitor experiences - and introductory investigation into visitor arrival, welcome, orientation, facilities, and activities available for different audiences.

Where do you stand? - questions for students to consider, discuss and represent their opinions regarding the impact and issues of managing both visitors and landscape.

Someone else's shoes - explore the arboretum socially, through learning and discovery, and through different experiences.  How can we cater for the interests of different audiences?

Visitor / landscape surveys - choose from footpath access survey, environmental quality survey and recreation potential index.