Why partner with us?

Forest Road running through broadleaf woodland
Isobel Cameron

100 years of expertise in your corner

Forestry England is part of the Forestry Commission and we’re responsible for managing the nation’s forests. Working with us means you’d be drawing on over 100 years of expertise in successful woodland management. Our mission is to connect everyone with England’s forests by creating and caring for woodlands to help businesses grow, for people to enjoy and for wildlife to flourish. Forestry England is the country’s largest land manager, with over 250,000 hectares and some 1,500 forests. 

We are a public body, so you can be assured of our integrity, transparency, and accountability. We work to the highest quality standards and are independently assessed and certified. We work to accredited sustainable forest management practices. We are the government’s practical forestry experts and work closely with numerous partners across the country. 

 As our partners, you would benefit from our expertise in the following areas: 


  • Carbon capture and storage – contributing to net zero and greenhouse gas reduction  

  • Nature recovery and biodiversity 

  • Habitat protection and restoration 

  • Flood mitigation and improvements to water quality 

  • Air quality enhancement 

  • Soil stabilisation 

  • Resilient natural capital that can adapt to climate change 


  • Promoting positive relationships between people and nature 

  • Health and wellbeing benefits 

  • Bringing treescapes closer to communities and making woodlands more accessible 


  • Provision of sustainable home-grown timber – further helping to lock up carbon 

  • Job creation, and upskilling the forestry sector  

  • Tourism and recreation opportunities 

  • Fuel and biomass 

View on an ancient looking tree with a large trunk and gnarled bark

Right tree, right place 

All new woodlands will be created in accordance with the UK Forestry Standard, which ensures that the right tree is planted in the right place for the right reason. Careful planning is a must, with considerations such as existing priority habitats, species selection to build a resilient forest, and proximity to sites of historical interest.