Celebrating women's connection to forests

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Women in forestry

Women have long played an important role in the forestry sector.

From the trailblazing work of the Lumberjills of the past to today's women working in a range of roles across the nation's forests, we celebrate their connection to these special places.

An innovative celebration of women in forestry

The Forestry CommissionForestry England and Forest Research, supported by Defra, commissioned The People’s Picture to create a photo mosaic featuring stories from women across the forestry sector now and in the past.

Visit the link below to explore the mosaic and discover some of their stories.

a mosaic of women in forestry images
Lumber Jills operating portable 'liner' saw at Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, July 1945

The Lumberjills

During the Second World War a demand for wood and lack of men created a need for women to join the Women's Timber Corp, part of the the Women's Land Army.

Known as The Lumberjills, up to18,000 women took on the job of felling and loading to driving tractors and operating sawmills.

Discover their story online.

Roles for women in forestry today

As tree planting increases across the country, so too does the demand for a diverse, skilled forestry workforce. 

There are a wide range of careers in forestry available for women from all backgrounds, from being a forester, ecologist, or tree surgeon, to working in conservation to scientific research. There are also lots of exciting wider roles linked to our nation’s forests, from business planning and management to leisure and tourism.

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