Forest bathing at Alice Holt

Forest bathing

The Forest Bathing Institute brings 2-hour Forest Bathing+ nature based wellness sessions to Alice Holt Forest.

Forest Bathing+ is a comprehensive therapeutic form of forest bathing developed in co-operation with numerous universities across the UK, professors, doctors, and scientists.

The Science behind Forest Bathing+

During 2019, in partnership with the University of Derby, ground breaking scientific research evidenced that with just 2-hours of Forest Bathing+, 88% of participants reported an average 29% reduction in anxiety. In Japan and South Korea, forest bathing or ‘Shinrin-yoku is a well-known preventative healthcare intervention to help manage stress, anxiety, depression and physiological conditions such as high blood pressure.

Underpinned by mindfulness

Forest Bathing+ is underpinned by a mindfulness practice, during each session participants will be guided to engage with each of the five senses in a structured manner, to enhance the experience and to bring about a mindful state. The ultimate aim of each session is to calm the mind, relax the body and to become more present and aware, whilst enjoying the stunning nature at Alice Holt Forest.

Sessions are accessible, walking is slow paced with regular breaks.


Essential information

Alice Holt Forest, Bucks Horn Oak, Farnham, GU10 4LS