Sensory walk at Alice Holt

Connect with the forest through our Sensory Walk at Alice Holt Forest

Going for a sensory walk helps you get outside, be active and connect with nature.

Alice Holt Forest's Sensory Walk is an undulating well surfaced trail ideal for beginners, those with impairments or in a wheelchair. Taking in the pond beside our Visitor Centre, home to toads in the spring and then through our beech woodlands where you may hear some of our rare birds such as nuthatches, songthrushs and goldfinches. There are a couple of benches around the pond which are great spots to sit and take a moment. On a nice quiet day, you may catch the sound of the wind coming through the trees.

The route is 2.8km long and will take about 1 hour.

Before you visit, you may wish to download the Making Walks Sensory toolkit produced by Sense which contains advice on planning walks and some suggested sensory activities. It’s the perfect companion for a sensory walk!

You can access all the Sensory Walks by downloading the free OS Maps app. To find out more about the OS Maps app, discover more Sensory Walks across England, and to download the Making Walks Sensory toolkit visit the Sense website.

Trail information

Alice Holt Forest, Bucks Horn Oak, Farnham, GU10 4LS
Grade - Easy
Trail Length
Is this trail for you?
Ideal for beginners
Will take around 1 hour
Suitable for wheelchairs