Applying to tender - top tips

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Help with applying to tender

Thank you for your interest in applying for our advertised opportunities

To apply you will need to submit a tender (bid) by the deadline set out in the Contract Notice (advert).  Once you have registered to apply, further information will be detailed within the Invitation to Tender documents including instructions, procurement timelines, and evaluation and scoring processes.

As every contract is different the tender criteria is different, as is the evaluation of the tenders, and therefore it’s really important to read all the information provided.

We recommend you read Selling to Government Guide (SMEs) which is a useful guide for submitting tenders. If you would like further information about the procurement process you can contact us by email.  To help you with your tender see our top ten tendering tips below for successfully submitting a good tender.

Top tips for tendering

1. Allow plenty of time for searching our tenders  

You will need to read the full advert and description to establish the nature of the contract.

2. Start the process as soon as possible

Check the Contract Notice for the closing date and time for the tender submission.  To respond you will need to register for free on the Delta eSourcing system, late applications cannot usually be accepted.  Some documents and files are large and can take time to download, as will some of your documents to upload.  Factor in potential IT issues. 

3. Use the Message Centre on the Delta eSourcing system to raise clarifications 

These must be submitted by the stated deadline.  This includes questions about our Terms and Conditions.

4. Read the Specification thoroughly for the full requirements of the contract

It is important you know exactly what our evaluators are looking for, and if you have the skills and resources to deliver.  Knowledge of the specification is crucial for a good tender submission.  

5. Attend briefing events or site visits if offered  

These can provide insightful information about the requirements of the contract and our business, as well as an opportunity for you to provide feedback on the requirements.

6. Focus on the Invitation to Tender (ITT) guidance and criteria and weightings

This will be used to evaluate your tender.  The information tells you which elements are most important to us and what our evaluators will be assessing. We can only score what is detailed in your response to each question - so do not just refer to a previous answer, or previous works with us. 

7. Our scoring

It’s very important to focus on providing the information we want and not on what you want to tell us, the evaluators will be looking for full answers to all questions asked.  Pay attention to details and make sure your information is clear and well presented. 

Show your understanding of the specification and demonstrate your ability to meet the technical requirements, and ensure you can provide evidence of the qualifications or standards you state you have.  Do not answer with a yes or no to questions which are stated as being scored 0 - 5.  

8. Health and Safety sections

Ensure all health & safety sections are fully and accurately completed according to the pass/fail requirements for each question.  Health and Safety is an extremely important element of our business and therefore must be fully considered.  

9. Promote your business

Play to your strengths by providing details of experiences and achievements.  Include the value you can bring – this does not need to be excessive and you can use case studies if relevant.  But remember your tender will be assessed based on the criteria in the ITT.

10. If you are not successful

Lastly, we hope you are successful with your tender but if you are not we recommend you check the subsequent published Contract Award Notice to see who won the contract.  This can help you increase your knowledge of your competitors, and lead to increased expertise and improved tenders for the future.  We always welcome and encourage further applications to our tenders.  

Further guidance

Once you have registered on the Delta eSourcing system you will find further guidance and support on submitting a tender via Delta.  These include User Guides, an online Live Chat facility, and a Contact Help Desk.  You do not need to pay for these services.

You can contact us directly at 

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