BA wildflower meadow appeal FAQs

British Airways wildflower meadow FAQs

Updated 22nd November 2023

Why are you planting wildflower meadows alongside the woodland? 

Wildflower meadows will increase the biodiversity of the site by providing nectar sources for many invertebrate species, which should start visiting the site as soon as the flowers become established. They are also another way to remove carbon from the atmosphere alongside trees.  

Why are you investing in wildflower meadows and not planting trees on this site? 

We have already planted 114,000 seedlings on this site, a mix of conifer and native species which are resilient to the changing climate. An additional 9,000 trees are being planted thanks for BA, but we felt that as this land has limited biodiversity than planting wildflower meadows alongside and within this new woodland would help increase biodiversity and create a rich environment for plants, animals and insects to thrive.. 

Where will the money be spent and how will you use the funds raised? 

All income raised will be spent on buying native wildflower plug plants that will thrive in the soil and environmental conditions at Wing Wood. We hope to plant from Spring 2024 onwards and then mow this area just once a year when the meadow is established. Your donation will not only buy the plants needed, but also help to maintain the meadow into the future.  Combining the money from British Airways and income from the CrowdFunder we will start by: 

  • planting the 0.62ha of wildflower meadow shown on the map. 
  • planting the initial initial yellow rattle on the 0.79ha shown on the map. 
  • planting the edges of the tree planting and within an area of future Hazel coppice. 

Any income raised over and above what is needed to plant all three wildflower areas will be used to help maintain the meadows.  

How much are you hoping to raise? 

Our target is £16,200. This will enable us to plant the first section of wildflower meadow within Wing Wood.  It is just over 0.62 of a hectare and is right next to a public footpath so you can visit this meadow for yourself.  All donations raised above the initial £16,200 will enable us to start planting up the further two sections of wildflower meadow across the site. 

What flowers will you be planting and are they native to the area/UK? 

Sourcing the right plants for the meadow will be critical. Yellow rattle is a flower that parasitizes grass, feeding off it and keeping it short, allowing other wildflowers room to grow. Yellow rattle is expensive but so important when creating a new wildflower meadow. We’ll also plant Birdsfoot Trefoil, Bellflowers, Columbine, Knapweed, Mallow, Sorrel, Toadflax and more to create a diverse home so nature to thrive.  We will only order plant plugs from nurseries which produce native wildflowers. 

Can we visit the site to see the impact of our donations? 

Yes, the first section of meadow is right next to a public footpath so you will be able to visit the meadow yourself. 

Why are you asking for donations when you are a public body? 

Forestry England receives around 20% of its funding from government. The remaining 80% we generate ourselves through our commercial and recreational activity as well as support from our members and donors. The money raised from this Crowdfunder appeal will go directly towards creating and maintaining the wildflower meadows