Unwind in the forest

Tree bud in front of the sun

Enhance your mental health and wellbeing

Unwind in the forest

Connecting with nature supports a healthy mind. There are lots of ways to boost your mental wellbeing in the nation’s forests, including forest bathing, sensory walks and wellbeing trails.

Woman standing in woodland at sunset

Find a guided forest bathing session

Discover the Japanese practice of relaxation in the forest with a guided mindful experience.
two people walking through the forest

Find a wellbeing trail

Follow the panel guides on a mindful walk to stop, notice and connect with the forest environment. With new trails to try, start your wellbeing journey this autumn.
Man and woman observing the texture of a tree

Find a sensory walk near you

Created with Sense, these accessible walks highlight key sensory points along the way for you to enjoy.

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