The nation's forests and essential facilities are open, but please follow government coronavirus guidelines when planning your visit - read our coronavirus guidance.

From just starting out to pro rider there is something for everyone. Here are some top tips to ensure you have a great visit

Updated 10th March 2021

Check where you can ride

The varied terrain and scenery in the Forest of Dean is the ideal place to cycle, with extensive network of stoned roads and waymarked trails it is perfect for cyclists of all abilities.   Cycling in the Forest of Dean is permitted on stone-surfaced forest roads, formal waymarked trails and bridleways only. This is per Countryside Rights of Way (CRoW) act and our Byelaws these safeguard and protect the nations forests, protect and preserving hidden archaeology, allowing trees to flourish and wildlife to thrive.

Cannop Cycle Centre is the hub of cycling in the Forest of Dean and provides a range of progressive single track trails and demanding downhill runs. The Sallow Vallets area at the Cycle Centre is the only place in the forest where downhill mountain biking is permitted.  


Be prepared

Understand the skill level required to ride the trail, walk through sections if needed. Use our progressive skills areas to build skill level and confidence, make sure you are prepared for your ride make sure you have well-fitting protective equipment, a first aid kit, charged mobile phone and water.  

Familiarise yourself with the area you are riding make sure you know where you are in relation to nearby landmarks such as emergency marker posts, should you or others need emergency assistance.


Be respectful
The forest is shared and for everyone's enjoyment, slow down, give way and be kind. Our trails are designed and built by riders just you, to make sure they are fun and safe for all Forest users, they are regularly inspected and maintained. In the wider forest you there may be children, dogs, and horses, give way make space and be kind.  It is Our Shared Forest.

Creating your own trails or features is illegal.  Digging, cutting and constructing disrupts soil, changes watercourses, and disturbs wildlife. The forest is home to many special and rare species, that you may not always see or hear please be mindful and respect that the forest is their home too.


Don't be a rubbish visitor
Take home your litter and dispose or recycle responsibly, litter can cause animals to get entangled, stuck or injured. It can also be ingested which creates health problems for the animals including depleting their nutrients and blocking their stomachs. Plastics and toxins can also enter water sources which are consumed by animals and humans!


Get involved and give back
Forestry England continue to support cycling and work together with the mountain bike community via groups such as the Dean Trail Volunteers (DTV) to improve and maintain the trail network.  You can report unauthorised trails, dangerous features or trail issues to our team by contact us on