Our Shared Forest – Forest of Dean Land Management Plan

Updated 20th September 2021

The Forest of Dean has a scale, diversity and a continuity of management through space and time that supports a depth and breadth of habitat and species that is on a par with, or better than many celebrated national nature reserves and protected landscapes.



Our Shared Forest is a project to reshape and redirect our land management – to set a new direction for the public forest estate here in the Dean.

The world is changing, it always has. The climate is changing, it always has. Society is changing, it always has. But the pace of change is speeding up, and the impacts on our Forest over the next generation of trees and people will be profound.

This new Land Management Plan sets out an agreed, understood and supported direction to guide what the Forest will look like, feel like and be like in 100 years’ time. From this, we will create the more detailed Forest Plans that will direct the operational activity in the decades ahead.

Consultation and engagement

In developing the Land Management Plan we have sought views from a wide cross section of individuals and organisations that live and work within the Forest.

Between October and December 2018 we engaged with over 200 stakeholders including Forestry England staff, local

Councillors, Tourism Providers, Foresters’ Forest project leaders and community groups to gather opinion and insight to develop the land management principles and commitments.

In January and February 2019 we consulted on a draft plan which attracted 1164 responses.

Main headlines from the consultation were:

  • 78% of respondents agreed the plan identifies the right commitments and focus for land management of the public forest estate in the Forest of Dean
  • 72% of respondents agreed with the long-term vision for land management of the public forest estate in the Forest of Dean

Survey responses, including just over 2500 individual comments, have been analysed and amendments made to the vision and land management commitments now published in this final plan.

Read the full consultation report.

What next?

We now start a five year programme to develop six new Forest Plans for the Dean. These plans will follow the principles and commitments set out in the Land Management Plan, and will provide more detail of what this mean in terms of delivery for each area.

You will have opportunities to engage with the development of each plan, and how you can do this will be promoted as we move through the planning process.

For now, thank you for taking the time to be part of the consultation, and we look forward to working with you on planning for the next 100 years of forestry in the Forest of Dean.