Our Shared Forest

What is Our Shared Forest

Updated 8th April 2024

In 2019 Forestry England embarked on a project to reshape and redirect land management and set new direction for the nation's forests here in the Forest of Dean.

Our Shared Forest set a vision to nurture a shared forest unlike any other.  Allowing the decisions taken to be guided by the natural potential of the land, as well as varied influences of the ever-changing world.  The commitments set out to create a diverse and inclusive forest that is a global example of what can be achieved through forward thinking forestry.

The second of six forest plans to be written in line with the new land management plan, Sallowvallets Forest Plan, has been drafted, consulted on and approved and can be viewed on www.forestryengland.uk/forest-planning 

We will continue to work through the remaining four plan areas, using the principles set out in the land management plan, that will direct the operational activity in the decades ahead.