Dunces Arch/Ironshill Inclosure, near Busketts Lawn, starts on 2 August 2021

Updated 12th July 2021

All of our forestry activities are part of a carefully managed programme and are carried out in accordance with the required permissions.

Work is expected to start from 2 August for 3-4 weeks, we’ll be removing conifer trees from an area south of Busketts Lawn, known as Dunces Arch and Inronshill Inclosures.  Some of this area was previously thinned and this is the final felling operation to return a small area back to open habitat. The second part of the work will include thinning out some of the younger trees to provide more light to those growing below their sheltering canopy. The long-term plan for this site is to establish a native woodland area with a mosaic of open habitats.

Although the area will remain open during the felling operations, people are being urged to pay attention to safety signs and some paths will be temporarily closed to allow access for the machinery.

All trees cleared will be used for regional timber supplies. Providing home-grown timber is good news for people, for business and for the environment – and as a not-for-profit organisation, every penny generated through felling trees is reinvested to help protect and improve our forests.

The work is planned using our approved ‘Forest Plan’ and you can send your comments to southern.enquiries@forestryengland.uk.

Felling map