Fletchers Thorns Inclosure, near Brockenhurst, due to re-start work in September 2021

Updated 6th September 2021

All of our forestry activities are part of a carefully managed programme and are carried out in accordance with the required permissions.

Work is due to begin in Fletchers Thorns Inclosure from 7 September 2021 for 5-6 weeks. The plan includes felling some of the Corsican pine trees that were planted here in 1977 and birch trees in order to allow the area to go back to open forest. The long-term plan for this area (about the size of two football fields) is to create new links that bring together the open forest and realign the fencing so that the area can be grazed by Commoners’ livestock.

Some people worry that tree felling is bad, but sustainably managed, it’s a key part of good woodland management. Harvesting trees provides the wood that we all use in our daily lives and means we can create more habitats in which wildlife will thrive, and more green spaces for people to enjoy.

The work is planned using our approved ‘Forest Plan’ and you can send your comments to southern.enquiries@forestryengland.uk.

Felling map