Harvesting operations at Cannock Chase Forest

Latest Status

Updated 14th May 2024

Forestry England is the main supplier of timber to UK industry. The timber that is harvested from our sustainably managed woodlands across England goes on to be used for things like building materials, furniture, pallets, chipboard, paper, wood fuel and chippings for gardens and playgrounds. To find out more about timber and the uses of wood visit: https://www.forestryengland.uk/timber-uses-of-wood

At Cannock Chase Forest we are carrying out significant timber harvesting operations, so there are going to be section closures, diversions and potential times when Follow the Dog is out of action.

Once the harvesting is completed, we will review the state of the trails and carry out reinstatement work as soon as possible.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with reinstatement please complete the expression of interest form on the volunteering page of our website.

Find out about volunteering opportunities here.

Thank you for your patience and we ask for your support. There have been instances where closed sections have been ridden, causing damage to new areas that were not ready for use. This delays us getting these areas back open and uses up essential funding. Please help us by following diversions when in place and adhering to signage when areas are closed. We are working hard to get areas open as quickly as possible. Thanks for bearing with us.

Please note: closures and diversions still apply on weekends

10km and 7.5km running routes are currently closed because of timber stacking and ground preparation. 

5km running route is open but the trail surface is extremely muddy as we are still harvesting in the area.

Heritage Trail has been re-opened.

Green orienteering course is currently closed.

Current status:

Section name - Follow the DogStatus
Follow the Dog- Section 1Open
Watch Out TrollsOpen (Boardwalk closed)
Breeze the TreesOpen
High VoltageCLOSED- Harvesting
Zig ZakCLOSED- Harvesting
Ogre the HillOpen
Lateral FlowOpen
Bomb HoleOpen
Billy Goats GruffOpen
Time for a BrewCLOSED- Harvesting
Evil SlabCLOSED- Harvesting
Son of ChainslapperOpen
Snow WhiteOpen
Seven DwarfsOpen
Pain in the HardtailOpen
Let Loose (Headbanger and Werewolf Drop)Open
Are We There Yet?Open
Snakes N AddersOpen
Section name - Monkey TrailStatus
Kitbag HillCLOSED- Harvesting
Uncle ArthurCLOSED- Harvesting
Devil's StaircaseCLOSED- Harvesting
Lung BusterOpen
Tight SqueezeOpen
Rainbow ValleyOpen
Over the RainbowOpen
Pot of GoldOpen
Deer SkullOpen
Old Father TimeOpen
Original Monkey (Tom, Dick and Harry)Open
Original Monkey - Black sectionOpen
Monkey's UncleOpen
Five WaysOpen
What Goes UpOpen
Snap itOpen
Upper CliffOpen
Insidious InclineOpen
Lower CliffOpen