Membership terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of use

Updated 20th September 2018

• A Discovery Pass is the whole pack, including parking permit (where applicable to the selected forest), membership card and vouchers (where applicable).

• A parking permit is the car sticker which gives site entry/car parking for one vehicle at a time.

• The membership card is the card which gives access to a range of benefits.

• A temporary Discovery Pass is the pass you may have been sent by email - applicable for purchases made online or phone only. This temporary pass enables you to enjoy visiting the forest straight away and while waiting for your pack to arrive by post.

• Vouchers are offers and discounts that we may offer from time to time for services and goods from the Forestry Commission or our partners, but require an additional document in addition to your usual membership card.

Terms and conditions:
1. Discovery Passes will be valid for the advertised period, from date of issue.
2. The Discovery Pass is only valid at the forest(s) named on the temporary pass, parking permit and membership card.
3. The Forestry Commission reserves the right to refuse applications.
4. Parking permits and temporary Discovery Passes are for use with registered cars only and can only be used with one car at any one time.
5. Parking permits or temporary discovery passes cannot be used with minibuses or vehicles carrying more than 7 people. Please ask site managers for details of minibus arrangements.
6. Parking permits and temporary Discovery Passes must be displayed prominently and will not guarantee a parking space.
7. Where a customer fails to present their parking permit or temporary Discovery Pass upon a visit to the site, the customer shall be required to make the full payment for entering the site on that visit, without refund.
8. The membership card cannot be used instead of the parking permit or temporary pass.
9. The Discovery Pass cannot be used in connection with any business or commercial activity.
10. The Forestry Commission reserves the right to close any site without prior notice and holding a Discovery Pass does not guarantee the customer access.
11. The Forestry Commission reserves the right to change or stop promotions/ discounts at any time.
12. The Discovery Pass remains the property of the Forestry Commission. The Forestry Commission reserves the right to cancel it for any reason, in particular where the permission given has been abused.
13. Lost or stolen passes and cards will not be replaced.
14. The Discovery Pass does not permit overnight parking for any vehicle (including campervans).
15. Forestry Commission may vary or change these terms and conditions from time to time and up to date conditions will be available on the Forestry Commission’s website.


A number of counterfeit Discovery Passes have been found. Any passes, including Temporary Discovery Passes that have been tampered with or counterfeited will be confiscated and details reported to the police.

If you are concerned about your pass, please take it to the visitor centre to be checked.

If you have any other queries, then check our Membership Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.