Car park closures

Updated 27th April 2022

Car parks currently closed

  • Clayhill, Crockford, Crockford Clump, Hinchelsea, Hinchelsea Moor, Ocknell Pond, Ogdens, Shatterford and Yew Tree Heath are closed to protect critical breeding locations for ground nesting birds. Alternative car parks are located near to all these areas.
  • Clay Hill, near Burley, will remain closed to accommodate vehicles from Knights Brown contractors that are working on the Holmsley Rail Bridge replacement.  By allowing their vehicles to be stored here, we’re preventing potential verge parking and habitat damage of the Forest.
  • Osmond's Bushes will remain closed whilst the Holmsley Rail Bridge replacement works are carried out.

There are no longer toilets at Hatchet Pond car park.

Protecting ground nesting bird breeding locations

From March until the end of August, special quiet zones will be established at critical breeding locations to help reduce the likelihood of ground nesting birds abandoning their nests and exposing chicks to predators. A small number of our car parks, listed above, near to these areas will be closed.

In the quiet zones, people are asked not to disturb the ground nesting birds by sticking to the main tracks and not to venture onto open, heathland areas where birds will be nesting. Those with dogs are asked to lend their support by keeping dogs with them on tracks and where necessary using leads to keep them under close control.

Please do not park on verges, along access tracks or in gateways, alternative car parks are available, thank you.