The New Forest has a wide-range of local, national and international protections, meaning the New Forest is globally important for its landscape, nature conservation, heritage and recreation

We are the current custodian of the Crown lands of the New Forest, which make up nearly half of the total area of the National Park. It’s a role that requires us to balance the needs of people, nature and business, and ensure that the public are able to enjoy the forest in the most appropriate way.

The New Forest Inclosures are not just important habitats or a place for recreation and relaxation, they’re also a crucial part of our yearly harvesting programme and a central part of the local economy.

So next time you take a stroll through the woods, look out for our teams at work. Whether they’re planting trees, or felling them, all of their activity is part of a carefully managed long-term programme designed to protect our woodlands now and in the future.

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