The nation's forests and facilities are open, but please follow government coronavirus guidelines when planning your visit - read our coronavirus guidance.

The New Forest has a wide-range of local, national and international protections, meaning the New Forest is globally important for its landscape, nature conservation, heritage and recreation

We are the current custodian of the Crown lands of the New Forest, just over 29,000 hectares, which make up nearly half of the total area of the National Park. It’s a role that requires us to balance the needs of people, nature and business, and ensure that the public are able to enjoy the forest in the most appropriate way.

Ensuring the New Forest is a safe place to come and protecting the very special nature, and landscape we have here, requires all of us to respect and look after it. 

Park and drive responsibly
Most of our car parks are open for local outdoor exercise once per day. Parking is only allowed within official car parks. Please do not to park on grass verges or block gates. We have taken the decision to leave most of our car parks open for several reasons. We are concerned that closing them would lead to large amounts of parking on verges and open ground that could block narrow roads and cause real and irreversible damage to the landscape.
Map of Forestry England car parks in the New Forest

Stick to the marked trails
With our health and emergency services under such intense pressure please only cycle on routes you know well and that are well within your ability level. It's particularly important that cyclists stick to marked and designated cycle trails in the New Forest, which is a highly protected and fragile landscape. There are over 100 miles of off-road waymarked cycle routes in the New Forest and we encourage cyclists to stay on these all year round.

Please remember the Forest is home to many grazing animals and wildlife that can be made ill from litter that people leave behind. Please help us keep the New Forest a tidy place for people and safe place for animals by being responsible for your own rubbish.

To help prevent dangerous forest fires, this is now a no BBQ and fire zone – BBQs and campfires are no longer permitted in our car parks or other areas of the forest managed by Forestry England and all BBQ facilities have been removed from our sites. Protecting the New Forest from the risk of wildfires is everyone’s responsibility.

Thank you for helping us look after our precious landscape by treating it with respect and following the New Forest Code.

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