New Forest

The New Forest

The New Forest is a spectacular landscape made up of a unique mix of woodlands and open habitats that are globally important for nature conservation

Forestry England manages 47% of the New Forest National Park, including much of the best-known ancient woodlands, wetlands and heathlands, which are home to many rare species of plants and wildlife. In fact, we look after more land and more trees than any other organisation in England.

No BBQs or fires in the New Forest

To help prevent wildfires fires, BBQs and outdoor cooking equipment are not permitted in car parks
or any area of the Forest. Anyone using these items is liable to a fine and prosecution.

Follow the New Forest Code

Ensuring the New Forest is a safe place to come and protecting the very special nature we have here, requires all of us to respect and look after it, find out more: The New Forest Code

Stick to the marked trails

It's particularly important that cyclists stick to way-marked cycle trails in the New Forest, which is a highly protected and fragile landscape. There are over 100 miles of off-road waymarked cycle routes that you can use and cyclists must stay on these all year round. Please note that you cannot use e-scooters on land that we manage in the New Forest  because they are currently illegal (except on private land or when used on public roads as part of formal government trial).

Keep your distance

Please help reduce animal accidents by driving with extra care on Forest roads.  It's a fineable offence to feed the free roaming animals. The Forest is home to many grazing animals and wildlife that can be made ill from discarded food and litter that people leave behind. Please help us keep the New Forest a tidy place for people and safe place for animals by being responsible and taking your litter home.

Park and drive responsibly

Please park in one of our designated car parks. Parking is not allowed on grass verges or in access gateways. Keep highways clear and leave plenty of room for other road users to pass. Find out which car parks are open and have facilities:

Visit one of our main visitor sites:


Apply for Permission for an event or activity

Pine Marten

Pine marten population continues to expand in the south of England

After being absent for decades, pine martens are now present across the New Forest and successfully breeding here according to the results of a three-year study into these rare creatures. Conservationists placed 30 hidden cameras in 11 different parts of the New Forest to observe how these protected creatures are returning to the area.

Explore the New Forest on two wheels!

We have more than 100 miles of waymarked family-friendly cycle routes, much of it off the public highway and traffic-free. There are plenty of...

Walking trails are suitable for all ages and abilities and some are pushchair and buggy friendly. You don’t even need a map. Follow the wooden posts with the coloured marker bands...

The 10 campsites in the Crown Lands of the New Forest are now operated by our partner – Camping New Forest. Enjoy a stay immersed in a unique and precious environment whilst...

Whether you're a seasoned naturalist or enthusiast amateur it's easy to take part, just start recording wildlife on your next visit...

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