Cycle routes and walking trail closures

Updated 5th May 2022

Temporary railway crossing closures at Denny Lodge 

Sections of railway crossings at Denny Lodge will be temporarily closed between 7 February and end of May 2022 by Hampshire County Council in connection with Network Rail bridge replacement works. The temporary closures include:

  • Denny Lodge Bridleway 1
  • Denny Lodge Bridleway 8
  • Denny Lodge Bridleway 15

Temporary cycle route closures in Busketts Lawn Inclosure

From 11 May - 15 June the cycle routes in Busketts Lawn Inclosure may be temporarily closed to allow access for the machinery and tree felling.   Safety information signs will be in place and we ask people to pay attention to keep safe.

Bridge repairs

There are about 250 footbridges across the New Forest that we look after, and we spend thousands of pounds every year trying to keep on top of their maintenance.

Unfortunately, some bridges have reached the end of their natural lifespan and have been closed off, as they are unsafe to use. We ask everyone to stay safe and not climb over broken bridges because it’s dangerous and causes further damage to the structure.

Walking trail closures

  • Old railway line - Route Markers - 195-217 (between Setthorns campsite, Sway and Latchmoor, Brockenhurst).This bridge is now closed to all traffic, including by foot, horse and bicycles due to safety concerns. Please follow the Green diversion signs. Cyclists are advised to dismount and walk down the decline. Please note this leads onto a shared track which pedestrians may be walking. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the closure and diversion. Both bridges are beyond their lifespan and the civil engineer’s reports recommend they are demolished. Replacement bridges will need to be constructed and planning permission agreed. We hope to submit the planning documentation in January, thank you for your patience.

For further information

Please contact the Ranger Team on 0300 067 4601 (Monday - Friday)

Thank you for your understanding. We hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the forest while this work takes place.