Pleasant Farm FAQs

Pleasant Forest: answers to frequently asked questions

Updated 19th April 2021

We’ve answered some of the common questions we’ve had about the project so far and will continue to update as the project progresses:

What types of trees will you plant?

We have carried out soil surveys and are currently working with Forest Research to understand which tree species will be the most suitable for the site conditions. We want the woodland to be resilient to climate change, pests and diseases so it can deliver a range of benefits for people, wildlife and the economy.

When will I be consulted?

During 2020, we will create a draft landscape design plan and invite feedback through a public consultation. 

When will works start?

We have already started a range of surveys to inform our plans so we can increase and enhance the many benefits that woodlands can provide. Some vehicle access gates will be replaced in summer 2020, and we hope to do some small-scale tree planting with the local community this winter.

Our main work will start in 2021, with our aim being to prepare the ground in autumn 2021 ready to plant many more trees in winter 2021.

When will works finish?

We aim to plant the trees in winter 2021 and winter 2022. We expect most of the work needed to establish the woodland to be completed by 2023.

How do I stay in touch about the project?

We will post key updates on the Pleasant Forest page as the project progresses.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please send an email to