Seed collecting protocol and plan

Pine cones at Forestry England's seed extractory

Seed collecting

Collecting seeds from the nation's forests

If you are looking to collect seeds from the nation’s forests, you will need to apply for permission. See the protocol at the bottom of the page that sets out clearly how seed collectors can apply.

Our commitment to enhance the quality, quantity and diversity of tree seed from the nation's forests

We have brought together our commitments and plan to meet the England Tree Action Plan objective to enhance the quantity, quality, diversity, and biosecurity of domestic tree seed supply. We will increase the species and the genetic diversity of seed available.

We have three key outcomes:

  • more registered seed sources in the nation’s forests we manage.
  • exploiting the full potential of seed supply from the nation’s forests for Forestry England.   
  • increasing the opportunities for others to collect and use seed from the nation’s forests.

To learn more, you can download our action plan below.

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