Research at Bedgebury


Bedgebury is the ideal place to study conifers. If you’re a scientist, forester, arboriculturalist or student, this is a unique opportunity to get close to a wide range of species. 

Here you can examine the form, size and contrasts between conifers, many of which you may never see growing in the wild. Scientists can easily study the subtle differences between species in the same genus. Arboriculturalists and landscape gardeners can gain a better appreciation of how a tree might look or perform in the future - hopefully reducing the likelihood of needing to remove a ‘problem’ tree or hedge at a later date!

From its inception, foresters have used Bedgebury to study the growth pattern of different species. Individual trees were grown in the pinetum to assess their potential, often followed by large-scale plantings for in-depth study. This work continues today and there are still research plantings in the old Forest Plots. The results of this research allows the Forestry Commission to select the best species to grow for timber use, helping to support British industries in times of increasing demand for wood and renewable, sustainable materials.