What are conifers?

Conifers are a group of ancient plants that include cedars, firs, cypresses, junipers, kauri, larches, pines, hemlocks, redwoods, spruces and yews.

Conifers are magnificent, awe-inspiring plants that have resisted 300 million years of whatever the planet has thrown at them.

They have existed in many forms and some, like the dinosaurs, became extinct over the millennia. But those that remain look very much like the fossils of ancient timesThis was highlighted when a new species of conifer was discovered in 1994, growing in the Blue Mountains of Australia. The Wollemi pine was identified and named after examining fossil records - it truly is a relic from times past and a genuine dinosaur tree!

There are approximately 810 species of conifer growing around the world and they constitute almost 40% of the planet’s forest cover.

These plants play a critical role in the health of our planet. However, some of these trees are incredibly rare, mainly as a result of over-exploitation and forest clearance.