Podcasts to keep you connected to nature

Winter leaves falling in forest
Photo credit: Mat Reding

Podcasts to keep you connected to nature

Get lost in the magic of nature with our favourite nature-focused podcasts.

The Forestry England Podcast

Children's Radio presenter, Bex Lindsay, goes on a journey of discovery across the nation's forests and unearths some surprising stories along the way.

In this six-part series, discover how pine martens are making a strong comeback, why sustainable home-grown timber is so important, and try out some forest bathing. Perfect for listening on a walk in a forest, in the comfort of your home or as an escape from a busy commute.

man and woman smiling in  forest on a sunny winter day
Open landscape at Bellever Forest

Ramblings | BBC Radio 4 and Sounds  

Head on a gentle stroll through the British countryside with Claire Balding and a variety of wonderful guests. Get started in Sussex with writer and comedian David Sedaris who is hilariously committed to litter picking near his home, or pop over to rugged Heptonstall in Yorkshire to hear how the landscape inspired poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath’s works.   

The Knepp Wildland Podcast 

You may be familiar with the rewilding work going on down in Knepp, a 3,500 acre estate in West Sussex. They've seen fantastic increases in rare species such as turtle doves, nightingales and peregrine falcons, as well as the reintroduction of white storks, beavers and bison! 

Join Knepp ecologist, Penny Green as she shares some of the project's wildlife wonders and speaks to some of the experts behind it. 

Butterfly on leaf
Photo credit: Simon Bound

Noisy by Nature | ABC (for the kids)  

The kids will love joining Dr Ann Jones as she explores all the weird and wonderful sounds that Australian wildlife makes. Listen out for baby boobook owls, grunting koalas, frogs that sound like motorbikes and lots more. Each episode even ends with a quiz to test your knowledge. 

The Dirtbag Diaries   

This fantastic (13 years running) production is the podcast interpretation of a story told by the campfire. Snuggle under a blanket, light a candle and pretend you’re out camping in the woods whilst listening.   

Sunset in the forest with silhouette of trees
Close up of white-tailed eagle face
Photo credit: Robin Crossley, Isle of Wight County Press

The Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation podcast

You may have seen that we've been working with The Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation to bring white-tailed eagles back to woodland on the Isle of Wight. Roy's podcast is a great way to learn more about this fascinating project and to hear from many of the passionate experts involved.  

Forest 404 | BBC Sounds   

Fancy something fictional to get lost in? This leafy, futuristic thriller with theme music by Bonobo will keep you guessing from beginning to end. Each episode is followed by a 10-minute talk with technology and natural world experts, plus a complimentary soundscape perfect for sitting back and daydreaming of rainforests. Here’s the sound of a peaceful woodland walk to get you started.   

Sun shining through trees
Photo credit: Jenna Beekhuis

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