Broaks Wood

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Visit the most varied wood in Essex and see a unique Giant Redwood Grove, the world's tallest growing tree species

Broaks Wood is home to a unique variety of tree species and includes a spectacular example of a Giant Redwood Grove, the world's tallest growing tree species!

The majority of the wood is designated as an Ancient Woodland Site and is estimated to have existed since the end of the last ice age, 12,000 years ago. Woodbanks of an unknown date and specific wildflowers show evidence of its ancient woodland origins. Pottery sites from the 12th and 13th century have also been discovered in the wood.

The wood was purchased from the Courtauld Estate in 1956 and now has five miles of open paths for you to explore.

At a glance

  • Stunning Giant Redwood Grove
  • Walking trails

Things to do

Join certified forest therapy practitioner and forest bathing guide, Gina from Adaptable By Design for this nature-immersive wellness experience in Broaks Wood.

Dates for 2023

14 May, 25 June and 16 July.

What to expect

Forest bathing is a slow, gentle, sensory-immersive walk where you soak up the atmosphere of the natural environment. It is like no walk you’ve ever experienced!

Participants are guided to move gently and consciously through a series of nature-immersive moments to deeply engage the senses. These moments allow for a smooth transition to enhanced physical, emotional and mental states and improved personal and social wellbeing.

Gina is a highly experienced forest bathing guide. Her engaging and dynamic approach promotes the five stages of health: physical, psychological, social, spiritual and environmental through a carefully crafted yet flexible series of nature connection activities in all types of green and blue space.

Walks are suitable for any age group (children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult).

What people are saying about forest bathing with Gina

"Gina made a calm and safe environment which made me look at nature in a way I hadn't before. It allowed my mind to release stress that had build up. I 100% recommend this!"

"With Gina's guidance I felt like a door had been opened into a calm place that I had subconsciously been missing for a long time."

"Gina instantly made me feel safe at ease. If you are someone who needs to think less and feel more I highly recommend forest bathing with Gina and Adaptable By Design."

"What an amazing experience! I lost track of time and left with an amazing sense of serenity and calm. I would highly recommend this experience!"

Visit Broaks Wood for a quiet stroll or leg-stretching walk and discover its interesting historic background, unique wildlife and Giant Redwood Grove, the world's tallest growing tree species!

The wood covers 62 hectares and has over 5 miles of paths open to walkers.


Nearby forests

Beech tree leaves close up

Chalkney Wood is an attractive example of ancient woodland that is currently transitioning to a site of native tree species.

Visitors are welcome to explore the woodland on foot. 

Dog walking in autumn among leaves

Located on the northern edge of the Lark Valley, West Stow Wood is a diverse woodland with belts of old pine and oak as well as newly planted and mature conifers.

Dale pond supports a variety of wildlife in the area, made special by its incredible diversity of dragonflies. It's also a summer watering hole for many birds!

Mildenhall Warren

Visit Mildenhall Warren and enjoy a peaceful walk where you'll find a wide range of wildlife. 

As a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), there is also evidence of human habitation dating back 500,000 years and 700 years of rabbit warrening.

walking generic

Thames Chase Forest Centre & Broadfields offers lots of features and bags of room for an exciting family day out.

The Thames Chase Trust runs the Thames Chase Forest Centre, providing the perfect venue for a quick snack or wholesome lunch, as well as the opportunity to purchase local crafts and gifts. Among the Thames Chase Forest Centre buildings, you can still see the original 17th century Essex Barn, stables and farm house.

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