Countdown and Launchpad are closed for maintenance. - Plan your visit by checking the status of our trails

Downhill trails

Expect to find a range of severe drops, jumps, table tops, berms and loamy corners, off camber and rocky and rooty sections.

The Dean Trail Volunteers have developed and maintain many of the trails so there are now a good mix of natural and manmade tracks which are super fast with tight switchbacks. The trails include;

  • Countdown 1 spot
  • Launchpad 1 spot 
  • Corkscrew – 2 Spot
  • Sheep Skull – 2 Spot
  • Flatlands – 2 Spot
  • Ski Run – 2 Spot
  • Endo – 2 Spot
  • Mr Rooty – 2 spot
  • Y2K – 2 Spot
  •  Elephant Man – 2 Spot
  • GBU – 3 spot

Please use the push-up track to the top of the hill, not the downhill tracks themselves. Or use Flyup Downhill, the official MTB uplift service. 

The Launchpad trail is the first of its kind in the UK and has been specifically designed so there are optional ‘fun zones’ along the way, which are technical features for you to enjoy.  Cyclists on 2 wheeled bikes do not need to pedal on this trail. The trail is extremely fast and is designed to take you downhill without your own pedal power. 

The Sallowvallets area at the Cycle Centre is the only place in the forest where downhill mountain biking is permitted.  Please stick to these trails and keep the rest of the forest for wildlife and other users.

To find out about mountain bike hire, contact our on-site hire specialists.

Trails information

Cannop Cycle Centre, B4234, Cannop Valley, GL16 7EH
Full face helmets and a high quality bike are all essential and body armour is recommended.
Grade - Orange: Bike Park
Is this grade for you?
Bike parks are suitable for riders aspiring to an elite level of technical ability; incorporates everything from full on downhill riding to 'big air' jumps.
Trail Length
From 0.3 miles (0.5km) to 0.9 miles (1.5km).