Explore Cardinham Woods with an off-road mobility vehicle

Visitors with limited mobility (short or long-term, for any reason) can hire our Tramper through the Countryside Mobility Scheme. You do not have to be registered disabled to hire a Tramper.

Email us or call the Rangers' Office on 01208 76787 to find out more and book your Tramper.

What is a Tramper?

The Tramper is an off-road mobility scooter, which is easy to use and able to tackle a range of surfaces and gradients come rain or shine. Our Tramper is suitable for enjoying the Lady Vale WalkCallywith Wood Walk, and Lidcutt Loop. It can also access our network of forest roads and all the central visitor areas, such as the cafe's outdoor seating area.

Hire rates

Trampers are available to hire seven days a week, 10.00am-4.00pm. Pre-booking is essential to provide you with a smooth hire experience.

Prices are per Tramper:

Up to 1.5 hours£2.50
Up to 3 hours£5
Up to 6 hours£10

Anyone wishing to use a Tramper must be over the age of 14. If you are not already a member of Countryside Mobility, becoming one is quick and easy and will be part of your induction (£2.50 for 2 weeks, £10 for 1 year). You can then use Trampers at around 50 other beauty spots around South West England.

Travelling to Cardinham Woods

Cardinham Woods is best accessed by car or taxi for visitors with reduced mobility. The forest is not currently served by public transport.

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Information and booking

Cardinham Woods, Bodmin, PL30 4AL
Booking essential
Please book ahead so we can provide you with a smooth hire experience.
Contact us
Email us at cardinham.rangers@forestryengland.uk or call 01208 76787 to book