Wheal Glynn walk at Cardinham Woods

Wheal Glynn walk (Cornish: Kerdh Hwel Glynn)

This trail follows the river before a short, strenuous ascent to reach the old lead and silver mine of Wheal Glynn. Descend down the valley side returning to the Lady Vale Bridge. 

About Wheal Glynn

Wheal Glynn was a 'bubble mine'. Metal prices were high during the 1850s, when imports were made difficult by the Crimean War and unrest in other countries. Lots of mines started up, hoping to attract investment. Many were unsuccessful and were known as ‘bubble mines’. Wheal Glynn closed in 1859 having made a huge loss.

Many of Wheal Glynn's features make it an unusual historical site. For example, the ornate style of the Wheal Glynn stack is rare and the only one in East Cornwall. It may have been whitewashed to make it stand out and look even more impressive.

Watch our video to explore the beauty of Wheal Glynn from the air.

Trail information

Cardinham Woods, Bodmin, PL30 4AL
Grade - Hard
Trail Length
4.6km (2.8 miles)
Not suitable for Tramper.