New woodland at Clipsham Coronation Wood

Sapling trees in white bags ready to be planted

New woodland near Clipsham

Forestry England are creating a new multi-purpose woodland on 220 hectares of land we've purchased at Clipsham Farm, which straddles the border of Rutland and Lincolnshire. We have purchased the site to create a new woodland that will enhance biodiversity, contribute to the local economy, provide a source of sustainable timber and opportunities for public access and recreation for the local community.

Work in progress

We are progressing with our detailed planning for the new woodland. This woodland will be an important part of the work that Forestry England are doing to expand the nation’s forests as part of the Government’s Nature for Climate Fund.

Public consultation

We are currently inviting feedback on our draft design proposals for the new woodland and would value input from local residents. To view and comment on our proposals by 24 March 2024, and find details of our public drop in events, please head to our consultation page.

Contact us about Clipsham Coronation Wood

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions below. For further information, please visit the consultation page linked above.

Forestry England staff planting trees

Frequently asked questions about Clipsham Coronation Wood

What types of trees will you plant?

We are planning in detail for the trees we want to plant for the new woodland. Using a mix of tree and shrub species will also help make the wood resilient to climate change and tree diseases and support a wider range of wildlife. Some areas will be planted with a mix of trees, including broadleaved trees and conifers. This will complement the local landscape, provide seasonal colour for visitors and increase resilience. Tree species are likely to include Scots pine, Douglas fir, spruce, birch, field maple, rauli beech, wild service and red oak amongst others.

When will I be consulted?

We are inviting feedback on our draft design proposals for the new woodland until 24 March 2024 and we would value input from local residents and organisations. To view and comment on our proposals and details about our public drop in events, please visit our consultation page.

When will works start and finish?

Public feedback and further surveys will inform our detailed plans for the new woodland. Our aim is to create the new woodland over the next couple of years with initial planting beginning in winter this year (2024).

How do I stay in touch about the project?

We will post key updates on this webpage as the project progresses.

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