Dogs in the forest (West England)

Dogs in the forest (West England)

Updated 22nd September 2022

For safe, happy times and waggy tails please:

Be in control

  • Keep all dogs in sight and close-by; use a lead if they don’t always return when called.
  • Prevent dogs from going up to other people and animals uninvited.

Poo: do the right thing

  • Always clean up after your dogs.
  • Any public or household waste bin is fine for bagged dog poo.

Expect the unexpected

  • Be aware that the forest is full of special wildlife that you might not be able to see.
  • Carry a lead and spare poo bags for each dog.

Stay safe

  • The forest is a working landscape. Follow site signs to avoid injury, disturbance or distress to yourself, other people, wildlife, and farm animals.
  • Remember that deer, bikes and horses can appear suddenly.