Wye Valley River Festival

Event details

The Wye Valley River Festival is celebrating its 10th year with a special series of events taking place across the region.

The festival brings together local people, environmentalists and talented artists for a creative exploration of what is possible. 

Join us at Beechenhurst for a full weekend of music, making, and performance inspired by the woods and trees. 


The weekend features:

  • Friday Night Picnic Feast: Come lay down a blanket, pull out a feast and settle into an evening of music, playful shows and be the first to experience our amazing installation.
  • Artists AndNow/ANawr presents Connect/Cysylltu: Inspired by the festival theme The Earth Beneath our Feet, this pieces explores our tangled relationship to the natural world, our links to networks both human and mycelial and our human need to gather and celebrate.
  • The Samovar: The ‘Samovar of Stories’ is an opportunity to gather and gossip, a tea party around our giant copper tea Samovar, for conversations about the Earth Beneath Our Feet over a cuppa.
  • Warning Notes: Immerse yourself in a captivating sound world and ever changing outdoor live performance.
  • The Underneath: A fungi-inspired multimedia installation made by Youth Landscapers Collective, a youth arts collective based in the National Forest in Leicestershire.
  • Performances by The Rumblers, festival band the Wodwose and more.



  • Weaving Workshops: join our forest weavers to add to our installation, or to make something to take home.
  • Wye Woodland Song: Join Priscilla Andersohn for a singing workshop. No previous experience needed, just willingness, playfulness and an open heart.