Wild Ennerdale Stewardship Plan

Rising abruptly out of the coastal plain of West Cumbria,  Ennerdale is one of the most remote of Cumbria valleys and has a distinctive character of its own. There is a sense of tranquillity, ruggedness, self-will, wildness, a feeling more of Scotland or Scandinavia. Wild Ennerdale is one of the UK’s largest wildland partnerships.

It is widely recognised for its partnership working, future natural approach and for pioneering innovative ways of upland management which blur boundaries between forestry and farming.

The Wild Ennerdale Partnership stewardship plan replaces our normal forest design plan and provides a valley-wide vision shared by all four partners, The National Trust, United Utilities and Natural England and the Forestry Commission.

Further information can be found on the partnerships website www.wildennerdale.co.uk