Picnics at Haldon Forest Park

Picnics at Haldon

Enjoy a tasty treat in the forest, just bring along good food and company! Spread your picnic blanket in your favourite spot or grab one of our picnic tables. Picnic areas can be found

  • in the visitor hub
  • Bullers Hill picnic and play area (near Go Ape)
  • along the Discovery Trail

To prevent forest fires, please never light a barbecue, fire, or stove in the forest.

Useful information

Haldon Forest Park, Bullers Hill, Kennford, Exeter, EX6 7XR
Please tidy up after yourself and take all litter away with you.
Visit our café
Fancy a hot drink with your picnic? Stop by the Ridge Cafe, open every day serving a range of drinks, snacks and meals.