Horse riding at Harcombe

Harcombe offers a waymarked network of riding trails for off-road riding. For access to the designated de-boxing car park, please contact Haldon Rangers for the gate code. Once you are registered with us, we will send you a map of the trails which you can ride whenever you like.

Riders are welcome to bring their dogs, but please keep them under close control, and please keep to the designated trails.

Haldon4Horses is a group of local riders who enjoy hacking through Haldon Forest and Harcombe Woods. They work with us on issues such as access into Harcombe, road signs, etc., as well as contributing towards the further development of Haldon for equestrian users. If you have any concerns or ideas, please contact

Activity information

Harcombe, Exeter, EX6 7XS
Horse riders are requested to use the dedicated free car park. 
Trail Length
10 miles (16 km)