Cycling and mountain biking trails at Kielder Forest

Whether you've just bought your first bike or are searching out single-track, Kielder Forest offers a fantastic opportunity for natural cycling.

With over 100 miles of trail, much of it single-track and all of it traffic-free, Kielder has a trail for you. 


Cycling and mountain biking trails at Kielder

adults on mountain biking trail
Bloody Bush trail at Kielder
A family of four cycling on forest trail
Borderline cycle trail at Kielder
family on a child friendly cycling trail
Cross border cycle at Kielder
Rider on Mountain Bike through trails in the woods
Deadwater red trail at Kielder
Mountain biker at the top of a forest trail
Deadwater up and over trail at Kielder
Kielder Forest and Water Park view through trees
Lakeside way at Kielder
Mountain biker riding over timber flyover at Kielder
Lonesome Pine trail at Kielder
Solo mountain biker in a forest
Osprey trail at Kielder