Rushy Knowe

Ground preparation for Rushy Knowe tree planting in Kielder Forest

Spring 2024 update | Rushy Knowe woodland creation

Rushy Knowe is a 145-hectare site in Northumberland where we are planting 100 hectares of new woodland and supporting a variety of habitats. There will be areas of protected open habitat, creating a mosaic of glades and peatlands amongst the woodland.

Working with nature

To plan how we use this site, we have pioneered a natural capital assessment tool. This allows us to test different scenarios, including the type of woodland planted, to meet a range of benefits such as: climate regulation (carbon sequestration), timber production, priority habitat protection, recreation and impact on the landscape. We are planting a mixture of conifer and native broadleaf woodland to meet a balanced range of these benefits, for the enjoyment of the forest into the future.

As the woodland grows and develops, a variety of habitats will support a range of wildlife. We will improve the condition of protected habitat and grazing livestock may help to maintain the open grassland at Rushy Knowe.

Red squirrel on a branch
Photo credit: Simon Bound
Three girls walking and laughing

Working with the community

Working with local people along the way, we are providing opportunities for public access and recreation in a woodland for everyone. 

After the public consultation process, we adapted the plans to ensure the stunning view across Kielder Water is maintained; an iconic view to be enjoyed.

Latest news

We have now planted approximately 200,000 trees and completed phase 1 at Rushy Knowe. These include 12 species of broadleaves and 9 species of conifer.

We started planting in 2019, the year we celebrated 100 years of forestry. Thank you to our dedicated staff and volunteers for helping us create this fantastic new woodland. 

Phase 2 is underway with us planting a further 45,000 trees during the spring of 2024.

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