Kilburn Blue Walk at Kilburn Woods

A rewarding walk with a view of the iconic White Horse

A 2km (1.2 mile) undulating circular walk that winds through Kilburn Woods, passing through mixed woodlands then following a main forest road, before arriving back at the car park to be rewarded with a view of the iconic White Horse.

Kilburn White Horse is the most northerly turf-cut figure in Britain and one of the most famous landmarks in North Yorkshire. It's easily visible from the south, below Sutton Bank, and while it's difficult to get a sense of its scale from the path on the escarpment edge above, there are steps down the side which give a closer view.

The horse dates from 1857, when the outline of the horse was marked out by the Kilburn village schoolmaster and his pupils. The horse was then cut into the limestone underneath – to make it more visible today, chalk chippings are added at intervals and the horse is painted every couple of years to ensure it remains visible.

Trail information

Kilburn Woods, Low Town Bank Rd, Kilburn, Thirsk, YO61 4AN
This trail follows different gradients and has one steep part. Follow the blue waymarkers.
Grade - Moderate
Trail Length
2km (1.2 mile)