Events at Mallards Pike

Dates and events

There are no upcoming events. Please check back soon.

Organising your own event at Mallards Pike

Mallards Pike provides the perfect venue for a range of events. If you are interested in holding an event here you will need to apply first so that we can ensure your event doesn't clash with anything else happening in the forest, such as forest operations work. 

Once we know your needs we can advise you to make sure your event is a success. Please contact us at least 12 weeks before your proposed event. 

Contact us

Please complete the application form below and return via:

WEFD Central General Permission Application Form (DOC 173 KB)


Organised water sports

The lower lake can be booked by groups for canoe, kayak or raft building activities, please contact us (number above) for details. Individual boaters and swimming are not permitted.