Calculating tree growth activity sheet

A graphic design banner showing a tree trunk, log slice, leaves and tape measure

Fieldwork in the forest

Age suitability

KS3 (age 11-14) and KS4 (age 14-16)

Type of activity

Field work and classroom analysis.

This fieldwork activity will enable students to record the growth of trees over time, encouraging them to consider all of the factors involved.

The second task involves analysing real data from our colleagues at Forest Research so students can see how this method is used for scientific purposes.

Curriculum links

  • Maths: statistics
  • Science: working scientifically, biology (photosynthesis)
  • Geography: weather and climate, geography skills and fieldwork

Resource contents

This activity resource includes:

  • background information.
  • full methodology.
  • real data set on accompanying spreadsheet.
  • questions to help students to analyse the data.

Simply complete the form to download the activity sheet. The accompanying spreadsheet can be downloaded via this link.

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